1) You’ll be sharing an experience that Jews all around the globe are experiencing.

2) You’ll have a chance to see your Board of Directors cut loose.

3) It will be an excellent cure for “The (Snowy) Winter of our Discontent” Blues.

4) You’ll have an opportunity to enjoy the timeless music of the Beatles in a Purim context.

5) You’ll have a perfect opportunity to wear that silly hat/shirt/dress/gorilla costume that’s in your closet.

6) You can be reminded that, throughout Jewish history, our people has responded to anti-Semitism with courage and resourcefulness.

7) Hamantaschen!

8) You’ll have a chance to see our kids in costume when they’re not trick-or-treating.

9) You’ll get to enjoy another wonderful FJC communal celebration beginning with a pizza dinner that evening. (RSVP required.)

10) You’ll have an opportunity to rekindle warm memories of Purims past.

So join us (preferably in costume) on Wednesday evening, March 4 for a Beatles Purim!!