Double Feature Comedy Night!
TUESDAY, JULY 21, 6:00 PM (streaming for 24 hours, until 6:00 PM, WEDNESDAY, JULY 22)

ZOOM Conversation – Monday, August 3, 4:00 – 4:45 P.M. (Chewdaism, Dina Malul Fights Back, The Art of Waiting)

Documentary, (Canada, 2018) 62 mins. Directed by Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman.

Canadian funnymen and best friends return to their hometown to explore their heritage by eating their way across the city, in the nosh-umentary. Comedy duo Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman are creators and co-stars of YidLife Crisis, a successful Yiddish language web series exploring, with charm and jocular snark, the burning questions and absurdities of contemporary Jewish life. They traveled the world with their show, documenting Jewish food cultures from New York to London to Tel Aviv. Now nearing middle age and their own proverbial YidLife Crisis, they’re back in Montreal to delve into a hundred years of the city’s rich Jewish history…and to stuff themselves with―and kvell over―its even richer Jewish food. From bagels for breakfast, deli-smoked meats at lunch, and a Hassidic bakery’s chocolate babka snack, to a raucous Sephardi dinner and taste of the new Jewish fusion cuisine at an innovative Montreal restaurant, Jamie and Eli sample it all. Over 24 hours, they seek out the best Jewish eateries Montreal offers, unlocking its intriguing past and marveling at its vibrant present and future.
This is a gastronomic adventure to be savored, a warm-hearted, affectionate tour of Montreal with a pair of hilarious and hungry guides with a bottomless appetite for great food and witty conversation.