Multiple Cape & Islands Jewish Communities Partner for a Virtual Performance of  Matzo Ball Diaries: Stories of Food and Family by The Braid (formerly the Jewish Women’s Theater)

Sunday, January 24 at 2:00 P.M.

Open to both members and the community. Ticket sales benefit the participating institutions. Please direct yours to FJC when purchasing tickets.

Registration information will be available soon. You are welcome to share this information with friends. 

Tickets cost $18 plus a $3 service fee.  Each ticket purchaser will be asked at the time of purchase to select a synagogue that they wish to support.

Learn about The Braid (formerly the Jewish Women’s Theater) and its now-virtual performances of this and other plays at:

This performance of Matzo Ball Diaries features the original Los Angeles cast.

Laugh, cry, and discover the power of food to nourish, heal, or move us to action. From learning the secret to Grandma’s brisket, to personal stories of eating disorders, to the fascinating history of how the International House of Pancakes was started, true stories of food, culture, and community are blended together with a healthy dollop of humor for a truly delicious storytelling event…for anyone who loves to eat!  Just the recipe we need to COVID-19 pandemic entertainment. Please join us for this special performance, and invite your friends, too.