On Saturday, June 24, I will have the opportunity to experience four sacred experiences, three of which you, too, can experience!

It will begin with Torah Study, from 8:30-9:30 AM. If you’ve never experienced Torah Study at FJC, it is a wonderful amalgamation of text study, wonderful digressions, spirited exchange of opinions, and laughter...lots of laughter! Join us!

At 10:00 AM I will have the privilege of standing on the Meeting House bimah with Paige Burkey, daughter of Jackie Cohen Burkey and Jeff Burkey, as she celebrates becoming a bat mitzvah by leading us in worship and teaching us Torah filtered through her unique experience as a young Jew. I urge you to join us for that service not only to see for yourselves what our children accomplish, but to show them that you take pride in their achievements. All are invited to the kiddush that follows the service.

From that service I will be rushing off to Morse Pond School in Falmouth to celebrate Cape Cod Pride Celebration 2017, an event in whose planning I have been actively involved for over a year. You can read more about this celebration of the LGBTQ community, its friends and allies, elsewhere in this Newsletter. In a political climate that is growing ever more hostile toward the rights of the LGBTQ community, our presence that day will help send an important message that the Jewish community is passionately concerned about the protection of human rights. Last year’s event was wonderful; this year’s celebration will be exponentially better. Come celebrate with us!

My day will end with an early-evening wedding for a member of our congregation and her fiancé. (This I cannot invite you to attend!) Few rabbinic tasks give me greater pleasure than officiating at weddings and it will be a wonderful ending to a day filled with k’dusha–sacred moments and experiences.

I hope that you’ll join me for (up to three of) those sacred experiences!

Reb Elias