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Your charitable donation to Falmouth Jewish Congregation helps sustain the vibrant community we have created.

Annual Appeal Donation


Donations can be made using PayPal by clicking on the box to the right, or by check, made payable to “Falmouth Jewish Congregation”. If donating by check, please download our donation form and mail to FJC, 7 Hatchfield Road, East Falmouth, MA, 02536. We ask for a minimum donation of $10.00. Please be sure to include your name and mailing address and, if your contribution is being made to honor or memorialize someone, please include that information, making certain to include the name and mailing address of anyone who should receive notification of your gift.

You may specify that your donation should go into any of the following funds:

  • BUILDING FUND (check payable to “FJC Building Fund”)
  • LIBRARY FUND (no book plate)
  • LIBRARY FUND (with dedicatory bookplate, $25 each)
  • RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND (check payable to: “Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund”)

After selecting the fund you wish to make a donation to, please let us know what you would like the Acknowledgment Card to say and the name and address of the recipient.

Donation to:
Acknowledgement Message:
Send Acknowledgement Card to:

Endowment Fund of Falmouth Jewish Congregation

A gift to Falmouth Jewish Congregation’s Endowment Fund is an investment in our community’s future, helping to ensure that our children and grandchildren, and Jews of Cape Cod will have the same opportunity to learn and carry forward our Jewish values.

Our Endowment Fund is a pool of assets held separately from Falmouth Jewish Congregation’s general funds and is invested with Greater Boston CJP’s (Combined Jewish Philanthropies) Jewish Community Endowment Pool.

Planned Giving at Falmouth Jewish Congregation

Planned giving is a wonderful way to support Falmouth Jewish Congregation’s endowment. It also can offer great benefits to you. Planned giving options include:

Current Gifts

Current gifts to the endowment are fully tax deductible, subject to the Tax Code’s percentage limitations. You can give cash or securities. Contributing appreciated securities not only generates a charitable deduction but also permits you to avoid realizing a capital gain on the appreciation. If you would like to make a substantial gift but want to structure it to be paid over a number of years, you may make a charitable pledge. If you have established a private foundation or a donor-advised fund, please consider making a grant to the endowment from that source (but such a grant should not be used to satisfy a pledge).

Retained Income

Retained income gifts permit you to convert appreciated assets into an income stream during your lifetime without generating a current capital gains tax, and permit a current deduction for the charitable interest. At death, the remaining funds would be added to Falmouth Jewish Congregation’s endowment. Such a gift could take the form of a Charitable Remainder Trust or a Charitable Gift Annuity.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is another opportunity to provide for the endowment. Consider adding a gift to the endowment in your will or revocable trust. It would provide a lasting legacy and also generate an estate tax deduction. You might also consider naming the endowment as a beneficiary of a portion of your IRA or qualified retirement plan—such a gift would pass free of both estate tax and income tax.

Members of the Endowment Committee would be pleased to speak with you or your advisors about options for tax-wise giving, and can provide language for properly designating the endowment in your estate plan.

For more information, please contact the office. A member of the Development Committee will contact you as soon as possible.