This spring, FJC introduced new signage to its two restrooms in the Beit Sefer wing. In keeping with changes in society at large and with the Reform Movement’s affirmation of transgender rights at its December 2015 Biennial, we installed “all-gender restroom” signs in these single-use restrooms. Children gathered for a brief installation ceremony in which we explained, in child-friendly words inspired by Jewish teachings, that FJC and Judaism believes that all people, not matter their color, shape, gender, religion, and other distinguishing traits, are created in God's images and are deserving of respect.

We extend our thanks to the company MyDoorSign, which provided the signs for free to FJC as part of its outreach to non-profits who make this signage change. Read about the company’s efforts and inspiration at the website. The icon that is used comes from  The Good Men Project and Sam Killermann at Its Pronounced Metrosexual. His site offers resources to "advance social equity…that help people to be better people."Learn more at: