A Show of Support for FJC at our Community Open Sukkah

FJC has deep roots in Falmouth and the Upper Cape community. Our doors are open wide for many Lifelong Learning and Social Justice programs, and many guests worship with us, as well. The flow of ideas and spirit between FJC and the outside world is both strong and meaningful. So when news spread of the Israeli flag desecration after Yom Kippur, we began hearing from faith leaders from local churches and synagogues, community members and neighbors, even former guest lecturers like Ariel Burger and Michael Strmiska. Some local clergy opted to preach that Sunday about what happened. People talked, expressed their outrage and concern, and sought ways to support our community. Their determination to stand with us in defiance of the hatred directed at FJC was beautifully manifest at our Community Open Sukkah on October 19. The courtyard filled during that sunny, afternoon hour, abuzz with greetings and consolation accompanied by hugs. The wind-destroyed Sukkah, leaning into a jumbled heap, added poignancy to the event, clearly conveying Sukkot’s imperative to live fully and joyfully as Jews, despite the vulnerability we experience.

May we always be blessed with such Sukkat Shalom (a Sukkah of peace), found in the embrace of one another – both as an FJC community and as part of the larger community of the Upper Cape.