FJC 100A Purim joke:

The first Jewish President of the United States has been inaugurated, and the first Jewish holiday that follows is Purim. So he calls up his mother to invite her to the White House for Purim. Their conversation goes something like this:

President:   “Mom, with Purim being the first holiday after my inauguration, I want you to celebrate it with us at the White House.”

Mom:   “Oh, I don't know. I'll have to get to the airport and..”

President:   “Mom! I'm the President of the United States! I'll send a limo for you to take you right to the airport!”

Mom:   “OK, but when I get to the airport, I'll have to stand in line to buy a ticket and check my baggage. Oh, it will be so difficult for me!”

President:   “Mom, don't worry about standing in line or any of that. I'm the most powerful person in the world. I'm the President. I'll send Air Force One for you!!”

Mom:   “Well, OK. But when I get to Washington, I'll have to find a cab and...”

President:   “Momma, please! I'll have a helicopter waiting for you. It will bring you right to the White House lawn!!!”

Mom:   “Well, yeah. But where will I stay? Can I get a hotel room?...”

President:   “Momma, we have this whole big White House!! There will be plenty of room!! Please join us for Purim?”

Mom:   “Ok, I'll be there.”

Two seconds later, she calls her friend:

Mom:   “Hello, Sadie? Guess what? I'm spending Purim at my son's house!!

Sadie:   “Oh, the doctor?”

Mom:   “No, the other one.”

[Cue rim shot.]

The quintessential experience of Purim is merriment. This may involve groaning at corny jokes, but we are obligated to rejoice and to recall our good fortune at escaping any number of calamities throughout Jewish history. That has not always been an easy task.

So come fulfill your obligation to laugh on Purim on Saturday night, February 23 at 7:00 P.M. in Goode Chapel. Please note: it is MUCH easier to laugh when you’re in costume!

Reb Elias