Wondering What You Can Do? Learn How to Take Action and Make Real Change

with JBC Author Eitan Hersh (Tufts University)

Politics is for Power: How to Move Beyond Political Hobbyism, Take Action, and Make Real Change

Thursday, January 14 at 6:00 P.M.

Free and open to the public

Hosted jointly by FJC, the Vilna Shul and the Worcester JCC

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“In our age of democratic turmoil, citizens often ask: What can I do? Where can I have an impact? Frustratingly, analysts usually have few answers to these important questions. Eitan Hersh does. His careful analysis and moving stories show us where and how citizens have made a difference and why so many don’t. Along the way, he will leave you inspired, and even hopeful, about America’s democratic future.”

—Daniel Ziblatt, professor of government, Harvard University, and coauthor of How Democracies Die

In this groundbreaking analysis of politcal hobbyism, polit­i­cal sci­en­tist and data ana­lyst Eitan Hersh explores how to take your mild interest in politics and transform it into real, impactful change, even in this upending and controversial political climate. He discusses how the impending inauguration may impact regular people, and how the "spectator sport of politics" needs to be mobilized into action. Eitan's new book, Pol­i­tics Is For Pow­er: How to Move Beyond Polit­i­cal Hob­by­ism Take Action and Make Real Change, is available for purchase through Eight Cousins Bookshop and Amazon.

Eitan Hersh received a PhD from Har­vard Uni­ver­si­ty in 2011. He served for six years on the fac­ul­ty of Yale Uni­ver­si­ty as an assis­tant pro­fes­sor of polit­i­cal sci­ence and res­i­dent fel­low of the Insti­tu­tion for Social and Pol­i­cy Stud­ies before becom­ing a tenured asso­ciate pro­fes­sor of polit­i­cal sci­ence at Tufts Uni­ver­si­ty. His peer-reviewed arti­cles have been pub­lished in the major polit­i­cal sci­ence jour­nals. Hersh is the author of Hack­ing the Elec­torate and Pol­i­tics Is for Pow­er.