Come Fill Your Bottle at FJC's New "Bubbler"

If you have interacted with me at FJC in classes or at events, you may have noted that I almost always carry a refillable glass water bottle. Like many of you, I try to drink a lot of water and, aside from tea and coffee (made with…water!) I drink almost no prepared beverages such as soda or juice. So water and water quality are important to me, as is the compelling need to use refillable bottles and purchase in bulk, when possible, using our own containers. It’s all part of the intentional living and practice at the core of the environmental movement, climate change awareness, and  Judaism's commitment to being the best possible stewards of this planet and God's creation.

I can tell you the exact date when I first used a bottle-filling water fountain. The a-ha moment occurred six years ago when I took my younger son to his college orientation. It was in Colorado, it was July, and it was hot. I frequently used the bottle-filling feature of the water fountains located in every building, all the while thinking how FJC could benefit from one, too. Ever since, I advocated for one and I am delighted to report that our lay leadership and Social Justice Committee (which is increasingly focusing on environmental stewardship) approved of its purchase. Soon, if not already, you will see it outside the Speen hall corridor restrooms. Not only will our fountain help to replace plastic bottles and reduce our use of cups, it will provide clean, delicious filtered water.

The sages of the Talmud built a beautiful legend about the abundant well of fresh water that followed Miriam as she wandered with her people throughout the desert. So long as she lived, the well was a fountain of living water that sustained the people. This source of strength and sustenance, however, dried up upon her death (Rashi on Numbers 20:2; b. Ta'anit 9a; Song of Song Rabba 4:14, 27). May FJC's new water fountain and its display of how many plastic bottles we save though its use be a constant reminder of the sustenance and life-giving qualities of water and of our own actions to protect our planet.

So bring your favorite bottle with you the next time you come to FJC and enjoy some of that cool, clear water.