Beit Sefer and FJC's Tzedakah Box Support Innovation: Africa and the Construction of Water Filling Stations in Falmouth

Learn about two non-profits that benefit communities in Africa and in Falmouth by providing clean,fresh water for drinking and farming

Innovation: Africa

This amazing non-profit’s mission is to bring innovative Israeli solar and water technologies to remote African villages. Innovation: Africa has provided one million people across Africa with access to vaccines, light and water. It uses solar energy to pump clean water and provide schools, orphanages and medical clinics with light and refrigeration to store vaccines and medicines. It introduces Israel’s drip irrigation to bring food security to remote villages.

Visit the website to view truly inspiring videos and hear testimony to the dramatic, life-giving power of clean water to improve villagers’ daily life, agriculture, education, and health.

Falmouth Water Bottle Refill Stations (Falmouth Water Stewards)

Falmouth Water Stewards have dedicated themselves to installing water bottle refill stations throughout the Town of Falmouth to reduce pollution and plastic use by single-use, plastic water bottles, to provide filtered water to humans and pets, and to promote the drinking of Falmouth’s fresh water (rather than other beverages).