FJC Cookbook Club Prepares and Discusses

Leah Koenig’s Little Book of Jewish Appetizers

Tuesday, November 12 at Noon

Select a recipe from the book on the library cart and inform Pamela of your selection. Prepare and bring it to our lunchtime meal and conversation.

RSVP by November 8. Members only.

FJC's Cookbook Club gets together every few months to eat and discuss foods prepared from a certain cookbook. This time we turn to the sweet little book on appetizers by Jewish food maven Leah Koenig. The book is brief, with selected, special versions of classics and modern apps, from vegetarian chopped liver to Persian Zucchini Herb Frittata and much more. FJC members are invited to come to the library to select a recipe (use the book here or get your own from a store or library), report your selection to Pamela Rothstein, and bring your dish to our lunchtime gathering. We'll discuss the food we prepared and, as usual, enjoy a feast. RSVP by November 8.