Children's and YA Author Jacqueline Dembar Greene Presents to Adults and Students 

Sunday, September 15

Adult/Parent Presentation at 10:00 A.M. in Goode Chapel (following the Beit Sefer Opening Day Breakfast)

Presentations to students during Beit Sefer

FJC is pleased to offer this JBC program to the Beit Sefer community and our adult members. Come meet author Jacqueline Dembar Greene. Learn about her writing and her motivation to research and write about Jewish topics and people, including her latest title, Walk Till You Disappear, described below. Ms Dembar Greene has mined Jewish history across the centuries to create acclaimed books that introduce children and teens to Jewish characters and historical incidents.

Ms. Dembar Greene is the author of numerous children’s books – historical fiction and picture books - including Rebecca and others in the American Girl series, The Secret Shofar of Barcelona, and Out of Many Waters, a Sydney Taylor Honor Book for teens. (see reviews below)

“Love of history attaches children to their roots, gives them a sense of belonging and builds bridges of pride and understanding between generations…The landing of 23 Jews in New Amsterdam in 1654…stands as one of the signal events in American and Jewish history, and it has been nicely dramatized….Greene weaves history, drama and narrative into an arresting story.”—New York Times Book Review

“Greene’s novel, based on the Portuguese Inquisition, makes history come alive….Isobel is courageous, but her bravery is borne of necessity and a powerful desire to see her family again….Greene has written an engrossing tale.”—School Library Journal

Walk Till You Disappear: Miguel Abrano’s family lives in Arizona Territory in 1872. Their horse ranch has been passed down from the time of the Spanish conquistadors in 1535. Raised a Catholic, Miguel suddenly learns that his ancestors were Jewish, and his world seems to turn upside down. Rushing from the house, he becomes lost in the desert and is captured by a band of Apaches. After a daring escape, he encounters Rushing Cloud, a Tohono O’odham youth running away from a mission school. As the boys travel toward home, Miguel learns to survive in the desert, but more importantly, he begins to see his heritage in a new light.