Liz and Jeffrey from The Gefilteria Return for a Virtual Winter Soup Workshop – Coordinated with our Soup-er Bowl Fundraiser for the Falmouth Service Center

Featuring Borscht, Mushroom-Barley and Vegetarian Broth

Friday, January 21 at 10:00 A.M. on Zoom

Free and open to the public

Register here for the Zoom meeting 

Our already-planned winter soup workshop takes on an added dimension and meaning now that it is paired with another Soup-er Bowl Fundraiser that needs to be virtual. We encourage you to come and make soup or sit back and enjoy the program, learn about the history of traditional Ashkenzic classics like borscht and mushroom-barley, and enjoy the company of friends and neighbors. Those wishing to make soup should write to Pamela Rothstein to obtain recipes at

Read about The Gefilteria (based in Brooklyn), a new kind of food venture launched in 2012 with a manifesto and a mission to reimagine eastern European Jewish cuisine, and check out their cookbook, The Gefilte Manifesto,  at

In lieu of purchasing a bowl of soup at our annual Soup-er Bowl fundraiser, we cnroucate you to make a contribution to the Falmouth Service Center. Visit their website at