2021 Alternative Gift Market

Friday Nov. 12th through Sunday, Nov. 21st - Shop from home!

The Alternative Gift Market, which FJC has sponsored for well over a decade, is now online for the second year and the website is fine-tuned and ready to go. A market gift is a donation to a worthy cause often in honor of a holiday gift, a birthday of a family member or friend, an event like a graduation, or charitable giving.
You can choose from 20 local, national and global charitable organizations which have all been carefully vetted to be the highest quality. Many are smaller organizations without funds for big marketing campaigns so the exposure from the Alternative Gift Market is so valuable to them!
FJC is "sponsoring" three non-profits this year.
Connect Africa, founded in 2005, promotes the self- sufficiency of Ugandans through access to education, vocational training and microloans, which translates into a lifetime of self-sufficiency. Micro loans have had a multiplying benefit to over 3000 family members, helping villagers to support themselves with self-sustaining businesses. Since 2005, we have funded educational opportunities for 1500 students and awarded 260+ micro loans.
THE PARENTS’ CIRCLE- FAMILIES FORUM (PCFF) is a joint Israeli – Palestinian organization of over 600 families, all of whom have lost an immediate family member to the ongoing conflict. Their mission is to foster a reconciliation process between members of both societies – Israeli and Palestinian - in the belief that the process of reconciliation is a crucial element of any lasting future peace process. To achieve that mission, The Parents’ Circle engages in a variety of peace-building initiatives.
Falmouth Water Stewards (FWS) mission is to protect, preserve, and restore Falmouth’s bays, estuaries, salt ponds, and fresh waters through education, advocacy and citizen science. Falmouth has more miles of coastline than any other town in Massachusetts, abundant fresh and salt water ponds, streams and rivers, and the only surface groundwater, and aquifer on the Cape. Water is the social, environmental and economic lifeblood of Falmouth. FWS is the only group solely dedicated to protecting and restoring Falmouth’s precious fresh and coastal waters. FWS informs the public about the most pressing water quality issues of the day, engages citizens as stewards and caretakers of our waters, and is a voice at Town Meeting.
Check out these and the other 17 amazing organizations, and get ready to shop from home! The market starts on Friday Nov. 12 and goes through Sunday Nov. 21.