Shabbat retreats are a highlight of youth learning and engagement at FJC.

Beit Sefer and Gesher RetreatsSet at the beautiful Craigville Retreat Center, overnight retreats provide opportunities for relaxation and connection with FJC friends, fun at the beach, spirited games of newcombe, parachute, and catch the flag, communal meals in the dining hall. Judaic content comes with Havdallah, mealtime blessings, Judaica art projects, informal worship, conversation, and a fresh appreciation of Shabbat menucha (rest).

Beit Sefer and Gesher RetreatsRabbi Lieberman and Pamela Rothstein, Director of Lifelong Learning, chaperone the retreats. Every other year, we bring the combined sixth and seventh grade classes to Craigville. In off years, the retreat is geared to post-b’nei mitzvah, our Gesher (bridge) group. With families ranging from the South Coast to mid-Cape and busy tween/teen activity schedules, the Gesher retreat reunites friends in a setting with positive memories of their school days.