Rabbi’s Thoughts


As American Jews we stand astride two cultures, American and Jewish, and we’re blessed with their respective fruits. At Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, we indulge ourselves in [...]


A Jewish Journey

Through the decades that I have worked as a rabbi, some of my deepest satisfactions have come from the interactions I have had with individuals who sought to become [...]

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October Musings

October Ted Kooser (from At Home, a chapbook) First one leaf yellows, loosens, falls and from the hole it fell from leaks a drop of cold, and then another [...]

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Hyperdrive sensations

If you have ever seen any of the more popular science fiction television shows or movies of the past few decades (think Star Trek and Star Wars and their innumerable sequels and prequels), [...]

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With apologies to William Shakespeare’s Richard III, “Now is the summer of my discontent.....” Yes, I know that I have yanked that phrase out of its context and muddled [...]


Door #1 or Door #2?

This year the month of March is book-ended by two Jewish holy days: Purim (Feb. 28/March 1) and Passover (Mar. 30 - April 7). The biblical books which explain [...]

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