Narrow Bridge

Narrow Bridge November, 2020 I began writing this column on Election Day and it is quite possible that this issue will go to press before the results of the [...]

Narrow Bridge2020-11-12T14:17:55-05:00

God in hiding

Purim, that spring revel-of-a-holiday that is always touched with a suggestion of anarchy, falls on March 9/10 this year. If your memory needs refreshing, Purim brings us the story [...]

God in hiding2020-02-24T12:21:07-05:00

Chavurah @ FJC

Chavurah @ FJC Whenever I have the opportunity to engage new members of our congregation in conversation and I ask them what led them to join us, I am [...]

Chavurah @ FJC2020-01-27T14:25:46-05:00

“Beautiful Fool”

As January approaches each year, a song percolates up through my consciousness and I pull up on my computer, and listen to, several recorded versions of it . It [...]

“Beautiful Fool”2020-01-06T11:13:16-05:00
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