This January, FJC Beit Sefer students in grades 5 & 6 had a chance to time travel in their study of the American Jewish experience. Through a special program called "The Traveling Suitcase," created by the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia, students delved into the life of an American Jewish immigrant, Eva Baen. In a virtual lesson via Skype with Charlie Hersh, a Museum educator, they examined artifacts in the suitcase that provided insight into the Eva Baen's life. With objects ranged from travel documents, family photographs, and school documents to a muffin tin and American flag (with only 48 stars), the lesson explored the importance of everyday objects in learning about the past. The Traveling Suitcase program introduces some of the main concepts pertaining to the immigration of people of Jewish heritage from Eastern Europe and Russia and introduces students to the practice of examining and analyzing primary source historical artifacts and documents. Through this fun and educational experience, students had a unique opportunity to experience how historians and museum staff use artifacts to complete research and tell stories through exhibitions.