Order Your Fresh, Professionally-Made Hamentaschen!

Orders due by Wednesday, March 4 / Pick up during office hours on Monday or Tuesday, March 9 & 10

Open to everyone, members and non-members.

Falmouth Jewish Congregation is offering for sale professionally-prepared extra-large Hamentaschen, the traditional triangular-shaped cookie baked for the Jewish holiday of Purim. Literally meaning “Haman’s pockets,” the cookies reference Haman, the villain of Purim as described in the Book of Esther. The pastries are supposed to symbolize the defeated enemy of the Jewish people. These extra-large cookies come in three flavors: Poppy Seed, Raspberry, and Apricot. Please specify which type you want in your order of six; you can order a variety of flavors, not just one. Orders must be placed in groups of six for $18.

Place your order so that it arrives by Wednesday, March 4 by sending payment (payable to Falmouth Jewish Congregation), name, contact information, and cookie order information to Falmouth Jewish Congregation, 7 Hatchville Road, East Falmouth, MA. Then come pick up your order during office hours (9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.) on Monday, March 9 or Tuesday, March 10. Your order will be labeled with your name.