FJC Honors the Legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with the Emmy Award-winning Film The Legacy of Heart Mountain

Thursday, January 19 at 12:30pm, preceded by a Brown Bag Lunch (FJC provides drinks and dessert)

Free and Open to the Public – Bring a Friend to FJC

2014 Edward R. Murrow Award / Emmy Award for Writing, Camera, and Editing

After Pearl Harbor was bombed, we rounded up 120k Japanese Americans and sent them to internment camps. Heart Mountain is a spectacular and beautiful backdrop to a story of triumph and tragedy. Seventy years ago, an internment camp filled with 10,000 Japanese Americans sat in the shadow of the mountain. It was just a few miles outside Cody, Wyoming, where the land is rugged and the weather is brutal. It’s where American citizens were imprisoned behind barbed wire and guard towers for no other reason than because of their heritage. Eight out of 10 were from Los Angeles. The stories from the Heart Mountain camp are gut-wrenchingly powerful and need telling. Even Judge Lance Ito has a connection! Decades later the message of how we trample on the rights of others is incredibly relevant.

Many have heard of internment camps from World War II. Few have been taken inside to see what life was like. It was a time when thousands of innocent people’s lives were changed forever. “The Legacy of Heart Mountain” is a documentary about the Heart Mountain Relocation Center and how it changed the lives of Japanese-Americans. It’s one of the most profound chapters in American history. Sadly, most Americans never knew it happened.

Japanese American internment is one of the most profound chapters of American history. The film’s mission is to keep history alive. The more who know, hopefully, will rise to defend future attacks on civil liberties and personal freedom. Come learn about Heart Mountain and reflect on Dr. King’s fight for civil liberties and his call for us to do the same.

Visit the film’s website for a trailer, photo collection, and additional, outstanding resources at: