Shavuot Study and Worship at FJC 

Tikkun Leyl Shavuot: Thursday evening, May 28 / Festival Service on Friday morning, May 29

For FJC members only

Shavuot is the festival when we commemorate the giving and receiving of Torah at Mount Sinai. FJC’s observance of this festival traditionally has two parts: 

Leyl Tikkun Shavuot – an evening of study and preparation erev Shavuot. We usually “fuel” our study session with cheesecake, honoring the Shavuot tradition of eating dairy foods on this festival, so feel free to enjoy some dairy treats while we study! Leyl Tikkun Shavuot, will a study session delving into a newly-published book, Inscribed: Encounters With the Ten Commandments. Once you have registered for our tikkun, you will be sent study materials from the book in the form of a pdf as well as log-in information for the ZOOM Tikkun session.

Shavuot Festival Service, including Yizkor prayers, on the morning of Shavuot

This year both experiences will be conducted virtually, via ZOOM, and are for members only.