Linda Pastan
(from Heroes in Disguise. © Norton, 1991)

Just as we lose hope
she ambles in,
a late guest
dragging her hem
of wildflowers,
her torn
veil of mist,
of light rain,
her dandelion
in our ears;
and we forgive her,
turning from
chilly winter
we throw off
our faithful
and open
our arms.

For residents of Cape Cod it is common knowledge that the arrival of truly-consistent spring weather is usually many weeks behind that of our “mainland” friends and relatives. No matter when it comes, we welcome it. The fluorescent pinks of azaleas, the yellow shouts of daffodils, the greening, swelling buds....it all bespeaks a timeless rhythm which, if we stop long enough to pay attention, can serve as a balm to nerves frayed by the clamoring insistence of the “now” and the incessant barrage of alarming news in which we are awash.

For a few precious weeks we watch nature dip into her paintbox, prepping the scenery for summer’s show. And then we gird ourselves for crowded roads and stores, map our travel routes so as to avoid left-hand turns across impossibly thick traffic streams, resign ourselves to sharing our favorite hiking trails with the visitors summer brings to the Cape.

Truth be told, it is a small price to pay for the privilege of living on this beautiful peninsula, where water views are never more than a ten-minute drive in any direction; where the changing seasonal light always provides a first-class light-show; where it is not at all unusual to see a coyote or a wild turkey saunter through your yard; where you might just be inspired to recite a blessing:

Baruch atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech haolam, oseh maasei v'reishit.....
We praise You, Eternal God, Sovereign of the universe, who fashions the works of creation!

Reb Elias